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Avenger Enterprise™
Designed for the tight budget of a small agency, the price of Avenger Enterprise™ start's out at: $7,000! Individual modules can also be purchased seperately.

We have special licensing packages with a low up front cost. These packages let you pay a low up front installation fee. You are are then billed by the number of service calls or incident reports created for the year.

Manna Pro™
A one time cost of $4,800 for the first user license and $200 for each following license.

Our Maintenance (Click for description) price is based on installed Nine Eleven Software™ products, and is calculated to be 20% of the products current price. Maintenance agreements are renewed on a yearly basis.

Tired of paying high prices for software? Small budget? We guarantee to beat any competitors price by 5%. Contact us now for a price quote! (559) 940-1460.